February 19, 2018

Simonini USA

Over ten years ago Simonini introduced the first engine for light aircraft market in Italy. The company was already a legend in the motorcycle industry in Europe. Enzo Simonini, founder of the company, was born and still lives very close to the town of Maranello. Like no other place in the world, this area is famous for the great passion of its people: motors and great sports cars. Personal friend of Enzo Ferrari, Enzo Simonini grew up with the same passion and devoted all his life to the creation of engines for the motorcycle industry. Now Simonini is the most popular option for the PPG industry. Our goal is to provide the best power/thrust ratio egine available with remarkable reliability for the one seater Par 103 ultralight and light sport aircraft industry.

24 HP
26/30 HP
33/36 HP
44/48 HP
92/102/110 HP